A Matter Of Time In Bethlehem

A Matter Of Time In Bethlehem

A Matter Of Time In Bethlehem

After accepting a request from Christmas decorators to document their trip to Palestine to decorate the iconic Christmas tree from the Crib Square in Bethlehem, I have an idea!

Would not it make sense to make a temporary video of the decorated tree from start to finish? The estimated time for full employment was 24 hours. Nick, CEO of Christmas Decorators, a Liverpool-based company, thought it was a great idea as it was something they had not done before and that could help them overcome advertising.

Long shot

And the next step – that specifies how this could be done. I knew time-lost capabilities of my MK11 Canon 5D (with some additions), but I needed my reflex with me for the stories I’ve had to take, plus I do not want to take two bodies with me. Also, I did not know the layout of the place or the safety of my equipment would be left somewhere for more than 20 hours.

After reading the Nick Stubbs Go Pro 3 Black Edition Review, All Things Photography web page and discovering that synchronization capabilities were included, I decided to order it on the GoPro site.

GoPro if it does not show up

At this point, I must confess that I had not checked the availability of stocks. Two days before my flight to Tel Aviv and GoPro was a no-show! After some research, I found his office number in Holland. I called them and told them, as shown on the website, they had no action until Monday, December 17th. My flight was scheduled for Wednesday, December 12!

Plan B! I went back online and looked for temporary cameras (the “GoPro3 hero is good …” Yes, I know!) So the KGB cameras Wellingborough came out of nowhere with an announcement for the time lapse camera Brinno TLC 200. I did some research, knowing I was going to buy anyway. He did not have a great answer, but he called me and explained my needs and asked me if they could get the next morning at my parents’ house because I had to adjust my passport. They could and they did.

I opened the box to find a camera that looked like a pepper shaker. I played with a little; I throw my bag and my bag from the camera. It was not bad. It will do the job, then in my bag it was.

Time of action

We went to Tel Aviv and traveled by road to Bethlehem in a black van. We arrived at our hotel Inter Continental Bethlehem, which was very nice, I mean. The bags are safely deposited in the rooms, at present, it was 23 hours, but they are not too far from the Crib Square. After twenty-five minutes on foot and in time, midnight is approaching, we finally arrived. I could not really see anywhere to locate my time-lapse camera that is secured except the roof of one of the surrounding buildings.

We were introduced to the Mayor of Bethlehem, who thanked us for traveling in the city and if we needed anything, he said we should ask. Immediately, I asked! The next morning at 6 in the morning, I met a security guard who was to accompany me to the summit of the peace center to put my camera “pepper shaker”. What a view, and is perfect for the time span of the tree, while the decorators have worked on their work. Once in the place, it was time for me to walk to Bethlehem to take quality pictures. No problem. Or so I thought.

It was 8:30 pm; Two hours later and after wandering in the nothing photograph and everything (and being expelled from the birthplace of a great Greek Orthodox priest to own a tripod at the untimely hour of 6:30 in the morning), I returned a place to Be greeted with decorating trees saying, “Mick, there are guys on the roof there and one of them chose their camera.”

On the roof

After meeting with the mayor and asking him to return on the roof, I found myself on the roof using sign language while facing three Palestinian children working on electricity did not move the camera again. They nodded and re-installed the pepper shaker. I also took some photos on the ceiling with my Canon.

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