Develop the right virtual environmentDevelop the right virtual environment

Develop the right virtual environment

Develop the right virtual environment


In addition to training staff, universities are also beginning to think about how to create learning experiences and spaces that meet the needs of future students. The learning environment is not corrected and technology is far from static, so instead of developing new digital learning spaces of measurement universities can improve the integration of digital technologies in the spaces they already have.

At our annual digital festival, Liz Ellis of Open University argued that the digital learning environment of the future would be a “series of application programming interfaces and spaces, it’s not going to be a thing in itself.”

Instead of investing in spaces and physical spaces, you have to invest in people who can transmit relevant digital skills to their students and colleagues. By fostering a digital learning environment, universities have a real opportunity to progress at all levels.

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Obtain Board Leadership
But the transformation of a university into a fluid digital machine is an important task. A holistic approach to the organization is needed, involving collaboration among students, curriculum teams, department heads, support services, leaders, and rulers. This requires a senior staff member with strategic direction and focus to advance the digital vision of the university. But ultimately, this must be the needs of students who shape their decisions about investing in technology and how to leverage digital learning.

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