Doctors, in Their Own Voices

Doctors, in Their Own Voices

Doctors, in Their Own Voices

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“The bill on health care Senate takes money from the elderly and sick,” said Dr. Peter Adler Pittsburgh, and give to the rich.

“The cuts to mothers of prenatal damages funded by Medicaid and their unborn children,” says Dr. Jane van Dis, Bakersfield, Calif.

“It will take millions of people out of insurance. How does it help?” Ask Dr. Nicholas Vasquez Phoenix.

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All these quotes are from a two-minute video in which doctors in the country explain why so many of them oppose the Senate health care bill. I encourage you to see it.

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In a note accompanying the video, doctors explained: “All doctors are preaching oath not to harm … Today, protecting our patients means voting against legislation that endangers their access to care Medical, health and quality of life. ”

Almost all major health care groups oppose the project, including major physician advocacy groups, nurses, hospitals and retirees, as well as advocates for the treatment of almost all major diseases.

However, some of these groups do not fight against the bill, as I have already written. In part, they seem to be afraid to irritate congressional Republicans.

However, it is important to distinguish between pressure groups and their members. Many doctors, nurses and others have tried to do everything they can to prevent millions of people from losing health insurance. It is worthy of being heard.

It is also worth noting the American College of Physicians, which represents specialists in internal medicine and has been aggressive in its opposition to the bill.

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