How do you create a digital university?

How do you create a digital university?

How do you create a digital university?

Today’s student usually happens in college with a smartphone, tablet and an intimate knowledge of digital devices. But this ability to perceive students who are based on reality – next to these “digital natives” technology can forgive the University staff to feel naive?

At the CSAC Digital Technology Agency for Higher Education in the UK, we are looking for the best way to support universities. We have found that there are common challenges in creating suitable environments for digital learning, including the digital competencies of students are not what they might seem.

Speakers said CSAC should not make assumptions about the numerical skills of students. We do not expect students to become experts in night history in Maya civilization, why do we expect students to be aware of the latest version of research software simply because they know how to present their essays online? All students will have access to digital resources.

In fact, the results of our 2015 survey of 22,500 students showed that only 65% feel they do not have access to training and digital media when needed. And our experience of digital tracker students, launched for the first time in 2016 and this year’s participation of 74 institutions, found that students were more motivated to improve their digital skills when guardians inspired them to their own digital experience.


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Equipping staff with digital skills
The key to providing the right digital environment are well-trained and fully committed staff members who can design and deliver courses with integrated technologies. The case study universities that have been featured in our guidebook digital CSAC capabilities revealed that this approach promotes a climate of digital fluency that diffuses through college students, student chancellors and all intermediaries.

For example, the University of Lancaster is an institution that paves the way for the “dot.everything” approach, in which all processes, from the number of students and the evaluation of the application and management of payroll trips, are made in line.

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