How Does Diploma Work

How Does Diploma Work

How Does Diploma Work


To make fake diplomas and fake transcripts, we respond to the actual school designs with your name, school name, graduation date, graduation and major and other details.

Request a free sample. Click on the link and tell us what school you want. We will look in our database and show you our design is “Match real” (from our database), or suggest a “House Design” if we do not know what the original design looks like.

It will also inform you of the prices and provide a link with the correct order.

Check. If you like our design proposals, place an order following the instructions in the example email. We take credit cards in the box or you can select “Phone Agreements” to place an order without making the immediate payment – that we can call and give us a payment by phone or arrange a payment order.

When you have completed your order, you will see a pop-up window showing the order number. If you do not see this window, mark the top of the order form screen for any error message that indicates what must be completed before your order is accepted.

Design, printing and packaging. It usually takes us a few days to design, print, apply emblems, stamps and stamps and packages for safe and discreet delivery.

For payment, you can choose the shipping option depending on how quickly the document needs or its budget constraints. We ship worldwide where UPS offers. Once you are done with printing and packing, we will send your product and we will send an email to the UPS tracking number so you can connect to the UPS site and see your delivery program.


Some other common questions:

Are you going to say “false diploma”?
No. Nothing on your fake diploma, fake transcripts, out of package or bank statement UPS will be something like “fake” or “fake” written on it. Please note that only our samples show our watermark website so they can not be ripped off by competitors.

Is it my real degree?
Our diplomas and are very realistic. If you just have to show someone, it’s a big problem generator. We use the same type of paper and the printing process to print fake titles. And we offer a wide range of fake diplomas and emblems.

How about fake diploma signatures?
As for the signatures … we’re not bad here, folks! You can choose between our internal signatures (real names and signatures, but not associated with a school) or choose to leave blank signature lines.
Are false titles illegal?
We produce fake diplomas and fake transcripts for the use of novelty. If you intend to use them in any other way, you can go through legal boundaries.
We never use written seals or emblems pertaining to actual schools, even though our design may look similar.
NO We are forging the name of a real person – we use a selection of internal names that resemble real signatures.
We NEVER make false diplomas representing the professions of nursing, medical, mental health, dental, legal, law enforcement, aviation, military or government or public safety professionals.
We will NEVER produce false diplomas that could be used to circumvent the security of our country.

I sent him an email, but I have not heard yet.
Check your junk mail! We always act immediately to the consultations by email and realize our objective of offering an excellent service to the client.

It is very important that you add our address to your address book or our emails, you can possibly go in your junk / spam folder.

Enjoy a verification service?
If the viewer has to “dial” directly from the school … it is something that we can not help. What is done with the document in your case.

Do not be fooled by websites that suggest you can “verify” a fake diploma degree or even a “living experience”. If you check your offer in depth, you’ll see

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