Why Choose Phonydiploma?

Why Choose Phonydiploma?

Why Choose Phonydiploma?

We are in business for 13 years! It’s longer than anyone in our industry. See our Notice of Audited and Unaudited Third-Party Customers and SiteJabber at Trustpilot.

We offer many current designs of “correspondence” – repetitions based on the original design of the school. And since (like everyone else) we have legal and technical restrictions on how we partner, you will see that our replicas are almost always on the button.

We send free samples before ordering so you can see the design we used before ordering.

We use actual metal wire printers that are often school-specific – other companies have just switched generic printers.

After you place the order, we can send you a “tried” pre-print and wait for your approval email before printing and shipping, with no surprises on your part. No one else does that!

Follow your shipment with UPS tracking – you can track the delivery of your package and know the day it will be delivered.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! We guarantee our service and our products and you will get what you order in a timely manner with the highest quality! We work hard to offer the customer the best product can be found anywhere.

We are here to help at all levels with email, chat and phone! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help


We are just a cat or a phone call. This is what we do, do not be embarrassed to call.

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